NOTE: snapsIE is no longer being actively developed here. For an implementation that has carried on the torch, see Kevin Menard's snapsIE fork on github.

snapsIE is a COM object that implements screen capture for Internet Explorer browser objects. snapsIE can be scripted with Jscript (javascript). It is intended to be used with the Selenium web test framework to capture screenshots of running tests. I created it because I saw a need for Selenium, and was tired of everyone and their brother trying to sell screenshot software for $20 when it should be free.

The latest version is snapsie-0.2.

The current release distribution contains a single DLL, an accompanying javascript library, and several HTML test files. Follow these steps to install and use:

For example usage, check testQuirks.html. Here's the saved PNG output for it. snapsIE also now supports capturing framed content! For an example of that, see testFramedQuirks.html.

By the way, feel free to use "snapsIE" and "Snapsie" interchangably. :)

- Haw-Bin Chai